Digital History and Me

Hello! Namaste and welcome, to my personal digital history blog. My name is Stefon Danczuk and I am a graduate student at Central Connecticut State University going for a Master’s in Public History. I completed my undergrad at the University of Connecticut with a bachelor’s in History and a minor in Anthropology. The digital world is something I am very familiar with, spending much time perusing Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, ect. Putting my own content out on the internet, however, is something I am not as familiar with. While I tweet occasionally and update my Facebook, producing something on a professional level for the internet is something I don’t have much experience in. Thus, my interest in the Digital History course. With everything moving to the digital world a knowledge of how to navigate and produce historical content for the internet is becoming an important skill to anyone looking to get into the field. Not only that, but the concept of producing something historical that will reach a wider audience and engage them in new ways not previously used by historians is exciting. I hope to learn some of these skills through the course and come out better prepared for a society engulfed in the digital world.


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